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No other big city in the world is as blighted by scaffolding as New York. Not Paris nor London, where buildings are older. Not Chicago, which has more inclement weather. The ugly plywood and pipe structures shrouding buildings all over Manhattan are supposed to be temporary, and yet even the city’s own figures say their average life expectancy is three years, with some surviving more than 20 years. Even the Department of Buildings, around the corner from City Hall, has been entombed in shabby, smelly scaffolding for a staggering 11 years. Promises by the city to ease the blight have resulted in an interactive map of “sidewalk sheds” on the department’s Web site, which does precisely nothing to ease the problem. It just rubs salt in the wound. New Yorkers already know their city has been uglified, and they sense that it’s a scam. But, like frogs in boiling water, we put up with it, buying the excuse that these structures are necessary for our safety, although they proliferate uniquely in New York, and have safety problems of their own. Scaffolding has turned the sidewalks outside our homes and businesses into unsightly slums, obliterating natural sunlight and providing an open in...

2 Workers Injured After Hit with Concrete, Scaffolding Falls

People who live nearby the site say construction on the building has been happening for several days. A spokesperson for Trademark Properties who manages the building says they cannot comment on what happened other than to say they are grateful to the first responders and their thoughts are with the two workers who were injured. The NC Occupational Safety and Health Division has opened an inspection with HighRise Repair Inc. An official says their inspections typically take three to four months to complete. Welded Steel Tube, Seamless Steel Pipe, Galvanized Pipe – XinYue Group,