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An NFC (Near Field Communication) tag is a passive, unpowered, small physical item that can interact with NFC devices and NFC phones. NFC tags contain an NFC chip and an antenna. NFC chips are small integrated circuits that typically contain a manufacturer supplied, read-only identifier (UID), a small amount of user memory (48 – 888 bytes) and sometimes additional technical features. The NFC chip’s user memory can be written to (encoded) with standardized data formats (NDEF) that allow NFC enabled devices to read the data from the NFC tag, and perform expected actions (open url in browser,…). The term “tag” is a generic term used to describe all type of NFC enabled products. The term “chip” refers to the IC component of the NFC tag.

GoToTags designs NFC tags for high performance and very large quantities of NFC tags are kept in stock for short lead times.

GoToTags is a global solutions provider of software, tags, hardware and online services for NFC, barcode / QR and UHF RFID to enable Connected Things.

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